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  Dr. Leith specializes in golf injury prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. 

·     Most golf-related injuries that we see are over-use injuries as opposed to traumatic injuries. To determine if a golfer is susceptible to an over-use injury, or what caused an injury, a full evaluation should include a concise medical evaluation and a golf physical screening. The screening should be performed when the golfer can swing normally without any pain.

·     As a doctor, he is not analyzing the golf swing for instruction purpose, but rather to investigate any swing faults that may lead to or cause an injury. The visual swing analysis is then paired with a golf physical screening to determine any weak or tight muscles, and possible movement pattern deficiencies. If visually we detect a swing fault (improper swing mechanics that place undue stress on the body), we then cross check it with the physical screening to see if a physical limitation is the cause of the swing fault.


  • Many swing faults are caused by physical limitations such as lack of mobility, core stability, muscular strength or joint dysfunction.


  • To summarize, we are looking for a physical limitation that is causing a swing fault, and the combination of physical limitation and swing fault increases the chance of over-use injury. 


·       He can provide a Functional Golf Fitness Assessment, based on the

Titleist Performance Institute.


·       This will yield a detailed critique of golf specific muscle imbalances and core stability and/or functional mobility issues.

·       You will obtain your Golf Fitness Handicap

·       Gain access to the TPI website, mytpi.com

Receive up to an 18 week golf conditioning program

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