Welcome to Sandbaggers


High Tech Indoor Teaching and Fitting Studio


Custom built 16.5' wide by 11' tall simulator allows the golfer unparalleled freedom of motion and takes away any unease of swinging indoors.
Our 4000 lumen projector allows you to visibly see and track your shot from 20 different camera positions, numerous color streamers that differentiate from club to club showing more difinitave results.

Utilizing the New Foresight GC2 launch monitor and simulation software, the GC2 gives us the same accuracy that top tour professionals rely on to tune and fit thier game.

Technology such as:

- PING N Flight
- Mizuno Shaft optimizer
- Certified fitting staff
- Fitting carts from,

                                   PING - MIZUNO - CALLAWAY - TITLEIST - TAYLOR MADE- COBRA

                         See how getting fit for the proper equipment can improve your game.


In addition to our staff teaching you the techneques to a better game, at Sandbaggers we offer a chance for you  to see your swing in our new swing studio. Top of the line high definition cameras record you from multiple angles allowing you to veiw your swing on the 55" plasma display located directly behind you with out leaving the swinging area.
Cswing software allows the instructor to show frame by frame analysis, come pair your swing to a library of other golfers, and digitaly mark and pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in your swing.

"Some golfers just need to see what they have trouble feeling, and that makes all the difference."

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